HF Update 27.05.13

Discussion in 'News' started by Xeonc, May 27, 2013.

  1. Xeonc

    Xeonc Administrator

    Release ready and on final step of testing, will be delivered to customers in 1-2 days

    - Dance and songs will be erased during players restart
    - Fixed minor bug with vitality, that it incorrect shown in client
    - Fixed some exploits in skill enchanting system
    - Fixed bug, that summon after recalling appears with full mp
    - Implemented correct chain heal algorithm
    - Implemented birthday system
    - Fixed bug, that you loose some vitality when rb was killed, now it will increase, like it should
    - Fixed party exp delivery bug
    - Fixed issue that when talisman dissapeared - slot remain occupied until bracelet will not be reequped
    - Added config for olympiad team matches:


    - Fixed issue that beast soulshot and spiritshot was not working together
    - Buff control and some pet actions was repaired
    - Transforms now no more goes on pets and summons during buff sharing
  2. Xeonc

    Xeonc Administrator

    Release is stable and send to all customers. Enjoy
  3. Angr4x

    Angr4x New Member

    like every update you forget my server...
  4. FidoW

    FidoW AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Yeah, my server too, i already talked with theon4eg but no answer yet.
  5. Hunter

    Hunter New Member

    Отдельное спасибо за шоты для петов =)
  6. bartoruiz

    bartoruiz AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    Any update comming?....I'm finnaly going live and my l2server keeps crashing every 1-2 days with 0 players.
  7. moonchild21

    moonchild21 AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    did you give linerrors to devs?because i have around 20 days with no crash
  8. goncafa

    goncafa AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    I have Live server with 400 players. Not so much but server never crash, i have had server running even 2 weeks.

    Any way i really want to know if some update comming.
  9. Sakretsos

    Sakretsos New Member

    try to use Windows Server 2003 Standard x64 Bits ! ( more stable than the others windows server 2003 )
  10. Xeonc

    Xeonc Administrator

    Update is on final stage of preparing, the most important feature there will be DV/LOA redesign up to retail AI/spawns, and HF exp table
  11. FidoW

    FidoW AdvExt64 Customers (IL)

    Can you provide a full list of new features? And also a list of fixes?
  12. Xeonc

    Xeonc Administrator

    It will be done with release publishing