02.09.2022 Release and changing subscription model

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    MAJOR: NPC broadcast significant optimization, it's a new part of last year's optimization for high-loaded towns and mass-PVP

    • NOT_BUFF_SLOT_SKILLS is not reloadable now (performance optimization).
    • crash on missing slot_additional=[none] (itemdata.txt)
    • Fixed a wrong timer calculation for courage
    • User::ExpInc() add call ValidateParameters() now calculates correctly after changing players level
    • Now Duel can't be started with a character in GM Room
    • MAX_ENCHANT_LEVEL_ON_OLYMPIAD and HpBonus from equipped enchanted armor
    • fix in loading eventdata2.ini, eventdata3.ini
    • Now offline traders are not shown as online users in Pledge Window

    • optiondata.txt MAX value 65535

    • auto attack purple character without pressing attack each time
    AUTOATTACK_GUILTY_VS_GUILTY=false (by default)
    • i_enchant_weapon, i_enchant_armor added optional 4th and 5th parameter - step for enchanting on success and on fail
    example: {i_enchant_weapon;0;none;3;1} - adds +3 enchant on success, and removes 1 enchant level on fail/
    {i_enchant_armor;10;per;2;2} - adds +2 enchant on success and -2 enchant level on fail

    added new optional parameter of item type to operate condition
    {op_enchant_range;<min>;<max>[;none | normal | magic | onepiece]}
    default item type = none
    normal - non-magic weapon
    magic - magic weapon
    onepiece - onepiece armor

    • bypass reset_clan_leader?user_name= $user_name&user_level= $user_level
    new optional parameter: user_level
    • skilldata new operate_cond={op_pledge;<pledge_level>}
    • cubicdata.txt: agathion section new parameter can_hidden
    chat command: .agathion on|off

    AGATHION=true (by default)
    AGATHION_AS_VISUALEQUIP=false (by default)

    • skilldata.txt

    new reuse_delay_type = g - common reuse delay for all subjobs
    irreplaceable_abnormal_lv = 2 - cannot replace any abnormal level

    • //delitem <item_id> <amount> - now this command can remove items and from players inventory/удаление предметов из инвентаря нпц и чаров

    • New setting which gave ability to define max items which can be dropped from PK
    ; Specify the maximum probability of item drop upon death by PK-character (default: HF = 9, pre-HF = 3)

    This update with be the last under the current business model(subscription was not obligatory) and will be saved for those clients, who don't have an option or don't want to move to the subscription model. Starting from the next release subscription model will be activated, when the subscription will end there will be a 30-day timeout period when L2server console will notify that the subscription is ending and that need to be updated, the subscription could be paid automatically through control panel on our website. This release(and all previous) will be available for all, without getting an active subscription, if your update date in the control panel is not earlier than 02.09.2022
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.