[L2J] Melcosoft Season Championship

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    Start date: 05 January 2022 20:00 +3 GMT
    Seasonal server! End of season: 05 March 2022 20:00

    Chronicles: Grand Crusade
    [​IMG] Rate: Exp & Sp x7
    Hype server merge: after the end of the season.
    • BONUSES for transferring clans!
    • No purchase of professions. What for?
    • Premium, goodies: PA points, offline pumping, fishing, etc.
    • All NPC standard chronicles Grand Crusade.
    • Item Mall - yes.
    • We punish everyone for using the bot. There are no exceptions.
    • Insults are punished by banning the chat, depending on the mood of the Admin.
    • Number of windows - how many to start.
    • Auto-loot - yes. [​IMG]
    • One-letter nicknames are allowed, there will be no Russian letters! do not try!
    • [​IMG] Traveler's Assistant issues up to 94 support magic.
    • The ability to use trading outside the game (.offline command).
    • Zaken, Freya, Frintezza, Kartia and other time zones are admitted from two participants. ‍
    • The auction is temporarily disabled.
    • Heroes' weapons are disabled.

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