JAIL Teleport

Discussion in 'Discussions & Suggestions' started by L2BIG, Aug 22, 2017.

  1. L2BIG

    L2BIG New Member

    Is there any possibility to make NPC teleporter from jail to city for COL Coins of Luck?
    For example if you end up in jail for some reason, you need 10 COL to escape.
    I know there is system in web, that you can pay some money, and server automatically teleport you from it. But I think it looks much better to get NPC in jail.
  2. Xeonc

    Xeonc Administrator

    Its possible, through AI, we made such systems for few customers
  3. L2BIG

    L2BIG New Member

    I would like to order that.
    I wrote letter in "Contact Us" section. We can discuss price and server i need.