actionname-e.dat limit?

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  1. KOC2000

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    I hope someone can help me with the limitation problem of some client editing limit problem.
    The Problem is you cannot add new stuff to the game as you want, looks like while the client is loading and parsing .dat files it only read specific lines/ids and just ignores the rest, for example:-
    I'm trying to add new summon skills to file actionname-.dat
    The latest official action id in file is ID 1088.
    I tried adding new action ID 1089, and the game ignores it...
    It actually ignores any actions with different IDs than their official IDS (0-71 then 1000-1088).
    I think is might have something to do with engine function "ActionDataLoad@FL2GameData"

    Any help wiill be very very appreciated..
  2. Xavier

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    you forgot to add info about client version you are talking about
  3. Saitx

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    Which decrypter are you using ?
    Which chronicle ?
    You get a critical error ? or it doesnt show up ?
    Can you show us what you are trying to add ?
  4. KOC2000

    KOC2000 AdvExt64 Customers (GF/GE/HF)

    Both HB and GF clients..
    Game starts just fine.. you summon pet/summon and your new added action/skill icon dont appear in Pet Interface window..
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    perhaps its server side then... ? i dont think u can add a new summon just by client side
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    You're really a smart person.