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  1. LordTeepes

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    need some help, already tried to put this scroll on my server and I can not
    someone help me ae?

    I will be very happy: D

    below is what do not I'm getting ja la id of item i if someone has it and can pass thanks

    ; 100% Chance Scrolls
    ; Here you can define wich scrolls will have 100% chance to enchant item up to a certain level
    ; Format : ScrollID,EnchantLevel;ScrollID,EnchantLevel <- you can add as much scrolls you want by separating with ';'
    ; Here you can adjust the special scroll operational mode
    ; Available Modes :
    ; 1 - Set the item directly to the desired enchant level specified in the configuration.
    ; 2 - Allow the item to be enchanted w/ 100% rate (until the level specified in the configuration).
  2. Neurodrive

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    I don't see any problem there, just read and you will understand.
  3. mytynyk

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    copy default enchant from itemdata, set a new ID to custom enchants.
    25001 grade A armor
    25002 grade a weapon

    set line:
    SPECIAL_SCROLLS=25001,(max safe enchant value to armors);25002, (max safe enchant value to weapons);another grades ....
  4. LordTeepes

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    Thank mytynyk: D ja was his play in the 2006 revolution interlude if I mistake not met my wife behind your l2 and we are now married and have 1 son: P


    my server >>