[L2J]DarkSide Freya Unique Features!!!!!!

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    Hello Guys!!!
    I'm here to announce the Grand opening of L2Darkside PvP server
    We had an open beta testing for more than one month to fix all bugs & problems specially class balance
    and now we are ready for the grand opening, a one full worked Pvp Server
    Give it a try, and join our server to experience a one Stable game play w/o lag and downtime and Unique features


    Visit us and join our community!
    Download the Updater

    website http://l2darkside.info

    Some of our server features are listed below

    Server Features:

    --- SERVER RATE ---
    -XP 500x
    -Sp 500x
    -Party Xp 3x
    -Party Sp 3x
    -Adena 1000x

    -Auto Subclass - max 3
    -Noblesse Status - 3rd part retail quest
    -Auto learn skills
    -Auto learn forgotten scroll skills
    -Certificate Skills
    -Buff slot 32 + 4
    -Dance/Song 12
    -AIO Character Buffer

    -GM Shop (armor,weapon,etc)
    -Misc Shop
    -SA Manager (For adding special ability to weapon)
    -Pc Bang Trader
    -Delevel Manager
    -Fame Manager
    -Character Manager
    -Clan Advertiser
    -Top PvP/PK
    -Raidboss Status
    -Legion (Buffer)
    -Gabriel (Scheme Buffer)

    --- CUSTOM ZONE ---
    -Aerial Cleft (Party Zone)
    -Primeval Island (Party Zone/Chaotic Zone)
    -Chaotic South/North Zone
    -Newbie Zone

    -PvP without holding CTRL
    -Pk without holdin CTRL
    -karma players on death dont drop anything

    -Glittering Medal
    -Knight's Epaulette
    -Vote Token (For Fame)
    -Raidboss Jewel Token (gives a random jewels)

    -Element Stones (Chaotic South/North)
    -Element Crystals (Hellbound only)
    -Element Jewels (Aerial cleft/Primeval Isle)

    --- ENCHANT ---
    -Safe Weapon Enchant = 5
    -Safe Armor Enchant = 5
    -Enchant Chance Weapon = 66%
    -Enchant Chance Armor = 66%
    -Enchant Chance Jewelry = 66%
    -Blessed Enchant Chance Weapon = 80%
    -Blessed Enchant Chance Armor = 80%
    -Blessed Enchant Chance Jewelry = 80%
    -Crystal Enchant Chance Weapon Warrior = 60%
    -Crystal Enchant Chance Weapon Mage = 40%
    -Crystal Enchant Chance Armor = 60%
    -Crystal Enchant Chance Jewelry = 60%
    -Enchant Chance Element Stone = 50%
    -Enchant Chance Element Crystal = 30%
    -Enchant Chance Element Jewel = 20%

    We are running on a dedicated server Debian OS.

    lets join all to make one big and great community !!!!!!
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    come join all
    Grand Opening 8/12 13:00 +2GMT
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