[L2OFF 75x] L2Int - Open Beta @ 8.10.2011

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    Open beta start on 8.10.2011 at 4PM
    Website: L2 Interlude - Index

    !! this is sneak peak into server features, more detailed soon !!

    Client: Interlude (C6)

    Server rates:
    - 75x EXP
    - 200x Adena

    - 24 buff slots
    - Buff durication is 1 hour (including COV and Propehcies)
    - Can/Unicorn buffs are retail like
    - NPC Buffer includes buffs, songs and dances (w/o 3rd class buffs)
    - buffers located in Giran, Rune and PI Portal

    GM Shops:
    - you can buy up to B grade with adena only, A & S grade require custom materials
    - SA can be added with custom materials

    Quest items:
    - lunargent, hellfire oil, red pipet knife and blooded fabric in GM Shop
    - epic raid quest items are in GM Shop
    - clan lvl3, lvl4 and lvl5 items are in GM Shop

    Custom Zones

    Monestery of Silence (MOS):
    - lower zone (populated with PK guards)
    - upper zone (no PK guards but slightly higher drop)
    - Drop & Spoil: S Grade Materials and Adena

    Primeval Island (PI):
    - Portal is safe zone (upon death on PI you are ported to PI Portal where you can rebuff and re-supply
    - Coast is PvP Zone
    - Plains & Forest are party zones (you need party to kill mobs) - monsters drop life stones and high amount of adena
    - T-Rex (4 mini raids located in forest, respawn every 20 minutes and drop higher grade life stones)
    - PI is populated with Sineps (statues) - when u stand around them you get buffed every 10 seconds with buff that boosts your P./M. Attack

    - Diablo - spawns on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 8PM in MOS, drops one titanium part, weapons and materials
    - Askanis - spawns Tuesday and Thursday at 8PM in MOS, drops one dusk item
    - Sailren - spawns every Saturday at 8PM in PI Forest, drops high amount of raid tokens, life stones, weapons and materials
    - Uruka - spawns every day except weekends at 5PM on PI Coast, drops raid tokens, life stones, weapons and materials
    * all upper raids are located in PvP Zone
    - Epic raids are level80 and drop weapons, armors and raid tokens besides epic jewels

    Custom Armors/Weapons:
    - Titanium Armors
    - Dusk Shield, Staff, Sword and Tattoo
    - Dusk Combos (Titanium Robe + Shield, Titanium Heavy + Shield, Titanium Light + Tattoo)

    - Titanium Armors can be obtain two ways, by killing Titanium/Dusk raids which drop weapon or armor part or by killing raids 78+ and collecting raid tokens

    Auto Events:
    - TvT every 3 hours
    - Cemetery Era with KoH event once a day from 7PM till 10PM
    - one more event will be added every 2-3 weeks

    - Scheduled on Sunday at 8PM
    - in the begining there will be only Aden and Giran up for siege

    - Scheduled every day from 8PM till midnight
    - Monitored olympiad to prevent feeding
    - Max Weapon/Armor/Jewel enchant is +4, custom items are not permitted

    - Hero weapon P./M. Attack equals +16 normal S grade weapon

    NOTE: All times are in GMT +1

    Open beta start on 8.10.2011 at 4PM
    Website: L2 Interlude - Index

    !! this is sneak peak into server features, more detailed soon !!
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