Service .lock system for Interlude. Security against scam

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    Well known that nowadays many players share their account between their team and friends. But also well know how many scammers there are, and how much time server owner need to spent on log checking and item returning, or just to loose scammed players. And that's a really not a good situation

    We developed an technical solution for that - .lock system, which gives ability to players to share accounts without risks.
    chat command for the player:
    EN: Shows information for the player how to use LockSystem.
    [.lock off]
    EN: Completely remove the password from the database, but first you need to deactivate LockSystem
    [.lock 1234 set]
    EN: Set the password and activate the LockSystem.
    [.lock 1234]
    EN: Activate or deactivate LockSystem.

    5. builder cmd
    [//lock] - [help use cmd]
    [//lock set 0] - [off system, delete password(target)]
    [//lock set 1234] - [Set password and Activate System(target)]
    [//lock clear] - [clear all block in antibrute list]

    Block Always:
    + Block Cancel Sub-Class
    + Block New subclass.
    + Block change the leader in the clan.
    + Block to put/get items in a clan bank.
    + Block use .unpackadena
    + Block attack on white chars / summons (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone)
    + Block attack with a summon on white chars / summons (excluding SiegeZone, BattleZone)
    + Block remove an item from the inventory.
    + Block sell items to the store
    + Block send items to another character on the account (System Freight)
    + Block sell items to those who sit on the buying up of items (BuyStore)
    + Block sell items (PrivateSellStore)
    + Block drop an item from the inventory.
    + Block Enchant skills
    + Block Enchant objects
    + Block assign a name to the pet.
    + Block transfer items to a pet
    + Block delete recipes and a list of recipes.
    + Block delete friends from your list (/ frienddel)
    + Block leave the clan
    + Block throw out members from the clan
    + Block cancel quests
    + Block remove Dyes
    + Block Crystallize Item
    + Block insert augmentation into weapons
    + Block remove augmentation from a weapon
    + Block leave Alliance
    + Block throw out clans from Alliance
    + Block transfer items to the trade

    Setting Block(true/false):
    + it is possible to block PrivateBuyStore
    + it is possible to block JoinClan
    + it is possible to block RegOlympiad
    + it is possible to block MultiSell
    + it is possible to block CraftRicepe
    + it is possible to block RecipeMakeItem
    + it is possible to block CraftStoreManufacture
    + it is possible to block BuyNpc
    + Allow items list that can be passed to the trade

    - dissolve clan, ally in NPC

    Information for Admin:
    + If the player enters the game with karma - the system is turned off.
    + AntiBrute System, which more than 5 attempts, to block the use of the .lock command for 60 minutes.
    + If you set the password to 0, then this will disable the system for the account. (L2z/WebCP)
    + Each entered correct/incorrect password, system enable/disable - logs "L2Server/log/in", ActionId: 3025
    + Allow attack in no_pk zone.

    Information for players:
    - Dual sided clanwar works. Attacker/defender during siege works
    - Learning of recipe to general/dwarf manufacture book works
    - Drawing of dyes works
    - You cannot be in combat to activate/deactivate lock

    + If the character dies with karma and activated LockSystem - there will be an alert to the L2Server.exe console (this is not possible, but still it's better to know about this if it happens)
    + + "L2Server/log/err"::"Activated System Lock, Dropped Items with Karma, Name[%s]"

    Price - 330 USD